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Adjective and his friend Noun

    Were walking side by side.

“I’m more important than you are”

    Exclaimed the Noun with pride.


“A noun’s a name for everything,

    And even you are one.”


“But when I’m added to a noun,

    That noun becomes more fun!”


“Well, I add colour to the noun -

    The size and shape as well!


I add the feel, the sound and then

    I sometimes add the smell.”


“Another thing that I must say,”

    The Adjective then said:

“You always have to follow me,

    Whilst I go on ahead.”


“Let’s try some combinations then.

    Oh what a lot of fun!"

“Delicious Pizza” said his friend,

    “And lovely warming sun.”


“A rose,” the Noun called out again.

    “Ah, red,” replied his friend,

“Sweet’ and ‘fresh’ are other words –

    You see how well they blend?”


“Well, ‘boy'," called out the Noun again.

    “Oh, ‘naughty’ comes to mind.

But ‘kind’ and ‘friendly’ are good words –

    Well, that’s what most folk find.”


Look!  Here’s a pile of nouns for you

    And some adjectives as well.

You link them up.  What goes with what?

    And I’ll bid you farewell.



Copyright on my poems




A poem to be recited by a group of children with speaking parts for many.  Perhaps a fun way to learn about adjectives and nouns I hope.


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