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Full grown men in shorts on field -

    With battle cries all brawl

And, with fortitude and human strength,

     Advance an oval ball.


With ball in hand one man heads off

      With others in pursuit.

The things he does, the moves he makes,

       Affect his good repute.


The opponent’s try-line’s in his sight,

    But he’s tackled from the back:

Oh goodness, now his hopes are gone

    By those set on attack.


The ball’s now gone the other way:

     His team’s now in a race.

These full grown men, sights on a ball,

     Are like wild beasts in chase.


The player’s being tackled now -

    Oh, look, they’re in a ruck!

Between two teams of well-built men

    That oval ball seems stuck.


This chaotic looking, shoving match,

     Designed to free the ball,

Seems, to we unenlightened folk,

    A playground free-for-all.


But, no no no - I’m wrong again,

    It’s important to the game

And the scrums or line-outs, I am told,

    Are important just the same.


A whistle’s blown, the game is done.

    It’s time to count the points

And, after all this strenuous sport,

    To ease those aching joints.


This sport’s not for fainthearted folk

     Who fear a cut or bruise

But, for brave, fearless, sporting ones,

     This is the sport you’ll choose.



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WHAT IS POETRY? Well, I can tell you what it is not necessarily.  That is easier.  It is not the English language which uses words which do not clearly convey the message which should be  conveyed clearly.  It isn't words which, written across the line with line-ends which are not necessary but which somehow distinguishes it from prose.  It isn't choosing subjects such as love or mysterious or magical subjects only - but I have to say that my audience enjoys these poems I know.  It is painting a picture clearly and perhaps rhythmically, which put the subject onto a new level in the mind.  I hope my poem does this.  PS You won't be beheaded if you tell a poet that you do not like his/her poem and can't understand it either.  I've seen many of these poems.  Josie