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An alligator spends his life

    Basking in the sun.

He doesn’t get much exercise

    And friends?  Well he has none.


He wears a scaly jacket

    And has a longish snout -

But if you see him in the water,

    Well it’s best that you keep out.


He lives a solitary life

    For he’s someone others fear.

He’d love to eat you for his lunch,

    So you stay really clear.


He cannot get a dentist now

    For dentists just won’t come.

The last time that one visited,

    He left without his thumb.


If you’d like to meet an alligator,

     Meet one at a zoo.

You’ll see him there behind the glass,

     And he’ll be studying you.



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An alligator is a slightly different colour to a crocodile.  It doesn't show its teeth when its mouth is shut and it has a much wider snout.  Did you already know these things?  Well done!  Josie