As lifetime’s seasons come and go

    We've reached those autumn years.

We've faced some storms along life's way

     But survived, so it appears.


We autumn folk, it is for sure,

     Bathe in late-summer's glow –

And, to the world, we’re quite prepared

      Our best to rightly show.


We dance and sing, take up a sport,

      Join U3As and more.

It’s unlikely that we autumn folk

      Will lie in bed and snore.


We’ve earned our rightful years of fun;

      We’ve served our country well:

Cared for our homes, our spouse and kids –

     Yes, sometimes with a yell.


So many help with grandchildren -

       Though need more time to rest –

And with spring and summer now behind,

       We still know we’re the best


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Cream and Navy - Heading

Follow Up:


You have two chances in life especially when you have time to discover what you are good at and to develop it:  When you are young and when you are retired.  It seems that in between you are very busy working and bringing up your family.  Use those two periods of time to develop your talents is my advice, but you will also have your own views to discuss in your class.  Josie

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