Autumn Poems

Autumn’s an artist and a fun-loving thief

Whose paint brush can gild the hue of a leaf.

      She steals summer’s warmth whilst ripening fruit

      With her accomplice, called wind, hot in pursuit.


She’s a herald who warns us that summer will go

And in no time at all blustery breezes will blow.

      She carries a palette of autumnal shades,

      And starts on her work in gardens and glades.


She shortens the days, she lengthens the nights

And sends migrating birds far off on their flights.

      She breathes on our world with a breath that is cool

      And reminds playful children to go back to school.


The wheat is now gathered and the grapes on the vine.

Like a generous hostess she provides food and wine.

     She gives nuts to the squirrels; birds have sweet seed

     And with smiling benevolence she does her good deed.


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