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Autumn is wearing her bright golden crown

For this morning she’s coming to visit our town,

   And Wind, her best friend, will be joining her too.

   Will they have a nice day and just what will they do?


She’ll be changing the colours of leaves on our trees

And Wind likes to tease with his cold, playful breeze.

    As the leaves tumble down in a pile on the ground,

    He will take a deep breath and blow them around.


They'll both knock down conkers for children to find,

But the nuts aren’t just there for the good of mankind.

   The squirrels like nuts and they’ll store them away

    But then out they will come on those cold wintry days.


So, what do you think that the two friends might eat?

What sorts of things would be good for a treat?

    There are sweet tasting berries and fruits of all kinds

    Which are wonderful treats for the two friends to find.


They will chase over hills and along by the river.

Wind’s cold wintry breath may well cause us to shiver.

   The swallows will see them and say their goodbye,

   Calling: “See you next year,” as they fly through the sky.


With the sun going down, there’s no time left to play,

But the two friends have had such a marvellous day!”

   When you look all around at this colourful scene,

   You will see very clearly where these friends have been.



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*Published in 2010 by AMS Educational Publishers, Leeds, but sadly not available in books at the present time.  This is an extremely popular children's poem which teaches them not only the love of poetry but also personification and how it can enhance one's writing.  What a wonderful picture we've been given by children's illustrator, Peter Hudspith of Leeds.


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By Josie Whitehead