Far from ripping a poem apart to analyse it, enjoy yourself by performing a poem out loud before your audience.  Put expression into your voice; use body language; let your voice carry across the room in a meaningful way, but above all, have lots and lots of fun.  The rhyme and metre/rhythm in my poems means they are first-rate poems for performing and I love painting pictures with words that are meaningful to the reader. - Josie

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Stealthily and quietly watch as the sun

Is gilding the earth when night is done;

   As swift as the wind she breathes living gold

   And with soft warming breath drives out the cold.


Tinged downy clouds float over the sky,

Wishing both moon and stars goodbye.

     The sun’s warming rays touch the cold lake

     And quietly and slowly the whole world awakes.


Tiny gold fingers brush pastures and trees

And awaken the birds on an affable breeze.

    The owl flies home when the cockerel crows,

    Whilst the sun blows her kisses on the dew of the rose.


The ducks on the lake are now taking to flight,

Whilst lambs in the fields all romp with delight.

     On a branch of a tree the first blackbird sings – b u t

     From next to a bedside, an alarm clock then rings.


We people now stretch out and open our eyes;

We pull back our curtains and look at the skies –

     And soon it seems nothing is left of the hush

     For we humans unite in our mad morning rush.



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