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From the smile on your lips, to your beautiful eyes –

With your soft golden hair, you’d soon win a prize.

   I know that I’m prejudiced, because you are mine,

   But Baby you’re beautiful, I think you’re divine.


As I move round the room, your eyes following me –

You’re absorbing the new things you’re able to see.

    You’ve come into this world and just captured my heart

     And I knew this would happen right from the start.


Now Baby you’re growing – you’ll soon be a child,

Your charms are enchanting, my heart is beguiled.

    You toddle to me for a kiss and embrace –

     How can I resist such a dear little face?


You’re studying pictures and learning new words –

You’re playing on swings and pointing to birds.

    You’re tottering round on your unsteady feet –

    You’re such fun to be with, and so very sweet.


You’re a beautiful baby, but I’ve said that before –

But I shouldn’t say “Baby”, for now you are four.

    Your school and your friends will take up your time –

     But don't forget Baby you’ll always be mine.



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