The baby’s brother said:


Baby, you’re boring and your parents as well!

Why get ‘gooey-wooey’ and why fall under his spell?

     He’s not all that interesting – he can’t even speak!

     Then look at those nappies!   There are so many leaks.


He screams for attention! If I did that, you know

I’d be told to be quiet!  When he does it?  No!

    Our Mummy comes running with cuddles and then

   Of course he starts screaming all over again.


If I asked for a snack in the middle of night

I’d be sent back to bed.   Do you think this is right?

    But when he, in the night-time, is screaming quite clear,

    He is given a bottle.  Don’t you think this is queer?


Why are babies boring?   You surely agree.

They give to this baby the things meant for me.

     They croon over his cradle and cuddle him too,

     Whilst all that I smell is that strong smell of p - - !


 So should I love a brother who just sleeps in his bed?

No, I’d far rather have one to play with instead.

    They tell me he’ll grow and quite soon we can play,

     But when I see this baby that seems far away.


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By Josie Whitehead


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