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Welcome to my website.  Do meet me on my introduction page.  


Here are some poems to either welcome children to their new school, or to welcome them back at the start of a new school year.  I'll direct you to some other pages which link to these poems, and to my lovely collection of autumn and winter poems.


I'm getting lots of invites to schools for this term.  Children love to meet me, ask me questions, show me their performances etc - and I love to meet them too and have travelled worldwide by skype.  A 40 minute visit isn't expensive and lots of fun.  



Teachers:  Do drop me a line to let me know what will really help you in your lessons?  Here are some of my ideas and I'd love you to confirm these or add to these:


E-Booklets with poems in them with rhyming games, ie guessing the rhyming word etc.  

E-Booklets which, in addition to the rhyming words, have pictures for the children to colour themselves.

Halloween and Christmas cards with poems inside but with pictures that the children can colour.

E-Booklets and cards for older children with poems in them complete but with blank spaces for them to do artwork connected to the poem.

To add information to help the children regarding the rhythm/metre used in the poems and with examples.










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