By Josie Whitehead

You wake this sunny morning

    And you’re feeling rather tired.

The sun is shining brightly

    Yet you don’t yet feel inspired.


A niggling thought then springs to mind:

    "I’ve something on today.”

Are you going somewhere special

    Or just out with friends to play?


Do you think your mother’s waiting?

    Are you going into town?

The thought of leaving your warm bed

    Then causes you to frown.


The last few weeks have been so good

    And all were filled with fun.

So what awaits you in the world

    Behind that shining sun?


“It’s eight o’clock” your mother shouts.

    “You’ll not be there on time!”

Are you going somewhere special

    Where you’ll need to be by nine?


Then you suddenly remember –

    No, not France, Belgium or Spain.

You’re going back to school today

    And will see your friends again.


You shoot off to the bathroom,

    Wash your face and brush your hair.

You grab your clothes, dress quickly

    But with little thought or care.


Now breakfast’s gone, put shoes on feet

    And grab your coat and bag;

You’re waiting at the starting line.

    Down goes that starting flag!


Your feet stride out, you puff and pant;

    Your body’s full of fuel.

You join the other boys and girls

    Who’re rushing off to school.


There’ll be many things to talk about

    And much you want to say,

And you’ll soon forget how tired you felt

    Much earlier in the day.


Copyright on all my poems


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