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When August almost says farewell

     And September says hello,

We children ramble through the fields

     To a place few people know . . .


To a hedgerow packed with blackberries -

       And in a hidden spot -

But we hope that no-one's found our hedge

       And then have picked the lot!!


These berries - tempting, succulent -

      Sit shining in the sun.

Small fingers stretch to reach the best

    And  gather every one.


There, in the sun they gently warm

    And change from green to black,

But they’ll not all go back with us

    For lots will make a snack.


Into the mouth - delicious - sweet!

    Oh how they stain the tongue! -

But who would care about such things,

    Especially when you’re young?


With briar-scratched hands we pick and pick

    And you’ll never hear us grumble

For tonight our Mum has promised us

    A blackberry and apple crumble.  



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This poem is quite different in style to the poem by  Seamus Heaney.  I prefer mine to end on a happy note.  Compare with Blackberry Picking.

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