Reflective/Thinking Poems Try: True Beauty

Why do our bodies bother us?

    Why do they make us cry?

Why do they often make us laugh

    And also make us sigh?


Why do our bodies bother us?

    Pigs don’t consider weight.

One piggy thinks another one

   Looks piggish and quite great!


Why do our bodies bother us?

    Why do we spend our time

Dwelling on our spots and hair?

    It really is a crime.


Do birds worry about their shape,

   Their height, their legs or feet?

Are they concerned with getting fat

   From foods they choose to eat?


Why do our bodies bother us -

   The colour of our skin -

Or if a man’s a little short

   Or a girl looks rather thin?


Do creatures of the natural world

     Think of the clothes they wear:

Their fur and feathers, scaly skins -

     Or how they do their hair?


No, so don’t let your body bother you -

   It’s colour, shape or size -

And then you’ll be much happier

   And also very wise.



Copyright on all my poems 



By Josie Whitehead

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