SHADOWING A POEM a poem is definitely not the same as copying one.  We learn by shadowing great people, and as humans we all shadow others from our very first day.  When we hear a "waltz" we know that the first person to write a waltz decided to have three beats to the bar, DUM di di etc, whilst other writers of music liked this and copied the style.  Poetry  is close to music and to song - yes and to dance - and so to pick up on the rhythm of a great poem and shadow the rhythm in a poem of our own is a great way to learn to write poetry of a rhythmic/metrical nature.  You can start this experiment in a fun way by shadowing nursery rhymes - and this is great fun.

By the Waterfalls of Ilkley



A Shadow Poem of Down by the Sally Gardens by William Butler Yeats

My own photo (near to my home)

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By Josie Whitehead

By the Waterfalls of Ilkley 2

How can you turn this poem on its head?  See here:

By the waterfalls of Ilkley

     My love and I did meet.

Her eyes were filled with loveliness;

     Her cherry lips were sweet.


She warned me not to love her,

     With a warning so severe,

But my heart told me otherwise

     And my ears, they didn’t hear.


In spring, beneath the cherry trees

     I looked at her again.

To tell me not to fall for her

     Was to tell me quite in vain.


She warned me not to love her -

     Her words were loud and clear -

But now I’m standing by the river

     And without my Ruby dear.



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