Funny Poems

I’m a collector words, a gatherer of rhymes;

I’m a hoarder of phrases.  Is that such a crime?

    They’re here, in a box - yes, under my bed.

    Or would they be better in a cupboard instead?


Adjectives are noisy but so are the verbs.

Oh where else can I store such a wide range of words?

    I must creep very carefully as I pass by my bed,

    For if I’m not very careful they’ll pop into my head.


I'll creep through the bedroom like a ghost in the night

I don't want to wake them or cause them some fright!

    Oh dear!!!  What I dreaded - a writer’s worst fear! -

    Well, I won’t sleep tonight that’s perfectly clear!!



Copyright on all my poems




Tell me:  Do you do get your best thoughts at night or in the morning?  I have to say that I usually write well first thing in the morning, although some good poems have been written in the evening.  Not my best time though!  I'm a lark rather than an owl.  What gives you inspiration when it comes to writing?  Josie

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