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Dear John


I have to say I miss you dear,

     And hope that you’ll return.

I apologize for what I did,

     So now it is your turn.


Our bedroom’s much too tidy now,

     There’s no socks on the floor.

Our bed takes longer to warm up

     And how I miss your snore!


The toilet seat is always down

     And the floor is much too clean.

There’s nothing left to tidy up -

     Well, you’ll know what I mean.


Yes, I’m still talking to myself -

     There is no difference there,

But the biscuit and the cake crumbs too

     Are both missing from the chair.


I miss your burping after meals –

     The silence seems so weird –

And of course the spiders have moved in -

     That's something which I feared.


I understand that when YOU'RE ill,

     You need some days in bed

Whilst when I’m ill – yes really ill -

     I get on with things instead!!


I’d give up all these grievances

     To have you back with me,

And I could be the first one up

     And bring your morning tea.


I’m afraid there is a job for you -

     That sink is blocked again -

And there’s another thing to do:

     Do come and clear the drain.


I’d never grumble, never grouch,

     But would think of all I’d gain.

I’d gladly share my everything,

     If you’d come back again.


PS:  Come Home – All is forgiven!



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