Story Poems

Timothy’s Mum said: 'It’s quarter to eight,

And if you don’t hurry, you’ll surely be late.'

    But Jennifer’s Mum said: 'Look, it’s now eight!

    Finish your toast and give me your plate.'


School starts at nine, and now we are here:

'Bye bye then Simon.  See you later my dear.'

    The register’s taken – it’s quarter past nine.

    Time for Assembly – so get in a line.


It’s 9.30 now and it’s Literacy time

And today we are learning all about rhyme.

    It’s time for our break for it’s twenty past ten

    And then we’ll go back to our classes again.


A spelling test first or it could be times tables –

Remember these things?  I will if I’m able.

    The clock points to twelve.  That’s lunch-time for sure

    Goodbye to hard work as we race through the door.


After lunch we can play until quarter past one:

So let’s run and shout loudly and have lots of fun.

    Ten past one on the clock - school starts very soon,

    So we'll all be kept busy on this afternoon.


Oh, no time to rest.  Some go to the gym,

Whilst others are lucky and go off for a  swim.

     Now it’s 3.35 and our parents are here,

     Time goes fast when you’re busy that’s perfectly clear.



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By Josie Whitehead

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