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By Josie Whitehead

Hush little children, don’t you worry now,

For Daddy’s going to buy you a Jersey cow.

                     (All:  Mooo)


If that Jersey cow doesn’t give you any milk,

Your Daddy’s going to buy you a dress of silk.  

                   (Girls: Ooooh)


Well, if that silky dress you just don’t like,

How about he buys you a mountain bike?    

                   (Boys: Wow)


If that mountain bike doesn’t have any brakes,

What if Daddy buys you some creamy cakes?

                   (Girls: Yummy!)


Now if those creamy cakes make you put on weight,

Daddy will have to buy some roller skates.        

                         (Boys: Cool.)


And if Daddy doesn’t see you go as fast as a rocket - -  

                               Well then -

Daddy’s going to keep his cash right in his pocket.  

                        (All: Aaaaah!)



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