Funny Poems

My father shouts: 'Tidy that mess,'

   And Mum’s words are the same,

But when I see Dad’s garden shed,

  You’d think he’d feel some shame:


Spades and forks are never cleaned;

   The lawnmower’s a disgrace.

Try looking for a piece of string!

   It’s in another place.


The hedge clippers - oh look at them!

    There’s rust on both the blades,

And sat by them, a tin of paint

    Of a horrendous shade.


A box of screws just left to rot,

   A drill not put away,

And what’s this lying on the floor?

   A hoe that’s had its day.


But this is Daddy’s hiding place

   When family life gets tough.

His garden shed’s his sanctuary

   For when he’s had enough.


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PS:  But this doesn’t mean he can’t clean it.  My husband is always tidying things in the kitchen, but his tool area in the garage?  Ooooh!!!  Is this the same for all men?