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God bless the dentists, all of them,

     Who carefully tend our teeth.

They know about our cavities

     And secrets down beneath.


Mine’s always pleased to see me:

     'Can you open really wide?

I want to see what’s lurking

     So let’s have a probe inside'


I’m in his chair, mouth open wide.

     Escape?  I dare not try.

So it’s now he asks a question

     And expects me to reply?


He sets about the task in hand

     And show’s he’s very willing

To track that hidden cavity

     And replace it with a filling.


He’s got me anchored to his seat.

     He’s ready to attack!

Thank God it’s not a filling –

    He’s just working on the plaque.


My check’s complete, the polish done!

    You‘ll know just how I’m feeling.

He’s finished now – it’s time to flee -

    My eyes can leave his ceiling.


'We’ll see you back in six months’ time!' -

       How can I feel a thrill

When the appointment is for three of us:

       Him, me and his big drill.


Copyright on all my poems


This poem was chosen for publication by teachers and children in many schools.  It was published in my book of "Funny Poems" along with almost 400 other poems.  I hope you also like it.













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