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Underneath this garden bush –

    Well, are you quite prepared?-

You’ll find a horrid crawly snake.

    Oh come on - don't be scared!


Come into this deep dark wood.

   There’s a creature thickly haired

His massive teeth may crunch you up.

   Oh come on - don't be scared!


Enter that dark, creepy cave?

   You might, if you were dared.

You’d find a monster lurking there.

    Oh come on - don't be scared!


Face up to a huge, frightening wolf,

   With yellow eyes that stared!

Show him that you're are not afraid?

    Oh come on - don't be scared!


I write the most ferocious poems

   And never feel despaired.

Of course you’ll know why I do this - - -

   To see if you are scared!



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