Drac was a dragon who was very brave.

He lived by himself in an underground cave.

     He scared everyone with his little games

     And he'd open his mouth and blow out flames!


His tail was wavy and his neck was long.

The claws on his feet were big and strong -

     Drac had no friends with whom he could play

     For those who saw him would soon run away.


Dragons, like people, of course get old

And poor Drac would often feel far from bold.

     Instead of just fighting he’d run and hide,

     And he stayed in his cavern and often cried.


Under the ground in his cavern deep,

Drac spent his days and nights asleep.

     "He won't fight again" was what everyone said

      And this was quite true for Drac was now dead.


Dragons have gone - well that's what folk think -

And the scientists say they’re all extinct,

    But, if ever you hear the most deafening roar,

    I’d hurry back home and bolt your door.



Copyright on all my poems


* Drac became a published dragon in 2010.

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