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His dreams take him back to Jersey’s isle

  Where waves sweep beaches clean;

To the golden sands and rocky coves

   And to pastures fresh and green.


His dreams take him back to his family’s farm

  Where his father milked the cows;

Where, under the trees in the orchard green,

   He’d quietly sit and drowse.


His dreams take him back to teenage years,

   To the days without a care;

To fun-filled hours and the girl he loved

   With the shining chestnut hair.


But dreams don’t pay for his London life;

   Nor expunge the city street

Where endless folk from countless lands

    In this giant city meet.


He's swapped his quiet Jersey life

     For a life that's filled with stress.      

Ambition's replaced that world with this,

     And it's greed which drives success.


Dreams and desires both clash and grind

  And the breath of life destroy -

So he shuts his mind on his childhood dreams -

   This aspiring Jersey boy.



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