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Five brown hen’s eggs

    Were lying in a nest -

And one egg began to crack

    And perhaps you may have -------  . . . .


A tiny chicken peeped around

    And blinked his small black eyes.

He looked around the farmer’s barn

    And had a big --------.


There were lots of other baby chicks

    Who were busy with their play:

“Come on out and join us here

      Upon this Easter ---!”


His mother looked down at her chick

    And clucked with great delight -

And little chicks at Eastertide

    Are such a pretty -----.


But the Easter egg which I suppose

    That you will like the best

Is bound to be the chocolate egg

    Which you won’t find in a ----.



Copyright on all my poems


guessed; surprise; Day; sight; nest.




By Josie Whitehead

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