Secondary Schools Thinking Poems

The wind can howl, the snow can fall,

     Or the rain can pour with shame,

But on a wall sits one spring scene

     That always stays the same.


The blossom’s never blown from trees,

    The flowers remain in bloom,

And to see this scene one doesn’t need

    To leave the living room.


The sunny day, the bright blue skies –

     Is a moment quite sublime.

This most delicate depiction can

    Defy the scourge of time.


Its frozen image never moves;

    No bird crosses the scene,

No human voice, no scent of flowers –

    And all so fresh and clean.


We can deceive the human mind

     With resplendent works of art,

And for a moment in our lives,

     The real world can depart.


When you turn your television on

     You’ll view some different scenes

And the reality of human life

      Will move across your screen.


These images come thick and fast,

    But do not linger long.

They flit before our human eyes,

    Then fleetingly are gone.


Unlike the pictures on our walls,

     Chosen to lift our hearts,

Those on our television screens

     Are hardly works of art.


Destruction, war, monstrosities,

     The starving – those in fear -

But, as if a magic wand is waved,

     They quickly disappear.


To live within a picture world -

     Now wouldn’t that be strange?

Our real world can be so sad,

     Yet YOU could bring a change.


The scenes that flash upon our screens

     And the world just where we live -

There’s so much you and I can do.

       We each have much to give.


Don’t encapsulate yourself in time,

     In a magical picture place,

But bravely face the real world

     And help the human race.



Copyright on all my poems


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