Endangered Species

How would you feel if you were the last human being on earth and the animals put you in a cage at a zoo?

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Would you rant and then rage from the depths of a cage

     Whilst the rest of the world came and stared?

Would you act as you should and feel misunderstood,

     Or perhaps feel a little bit scared?


From well behind bars would you study the stars

    As you slept on a small bed of straw?

Whilst the animals look, could you then read a book

    Or just lie in the sunshine and snore?


If you sat there and cried, they would watch you wide-eyed

   Whilst they all talked and pointed at you.

You might sit there with pride, or might possibly hide,

    When the animals came to the zoo.


Then with all eyes transfixed, they would watch you do tricks

    And would roar with approval, and then

At around about six then a nice meal they’d fix

    And they’d bring it to you in your den.


All the lions, the zebras and elephants too

    Would go home at the end of their day.

'Oh what fun it has been and what sights we have seen

      When a human was put on display.'



Copyright on all my poems 




By Josie Whitehead

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