Our parents told us yesterday

    That we should do our part

To improve the world around us –

    But just how should we start?


We all were given thinking caps

    And a sheet of paper too.

We started with a few ideas

    But the list just grew and grew.


‘Let’s cut out buying plastic then,’

     Came early in the list.

What cleaning product’s in a box?

      Let the internet assist.


'Let’s grow some fruit and vegetables' –

     Or buy some 'local-grown?'

'We'll grow more in our garden then!'

      Dad said: 'Not on my own!'


‘Some modern light bulbs' added John.

       They'll save us money too.’

Our Mum replied: ‘Yes, find out more.

    That’s something we should do.’


'Let's not jump in the car so much: -

     To start, let's walk to school!'      

'Yes, playing out is much more fun -

     Without expensive fuel!'


Mum said: 'Take care with water now.

      Don't leave the tap to run.'

'Yes, there is much that we can do,'

     Responded everyone.


'Reduce the paper that we use,

      And cut down far less trees.'

'Well Josie's Poems come via a screen:

      They're poems that always please!'        


'Plastic bottles of water then!'

    Said Martha in despair -

'I've seen folk throw these things away

     With very little care!'


Jack said: 'Look at the dreadful fires

      Started without thought:        

Poor firemen, working in that heat

      For days and days have fought.'


Our lovely world's in great danger.

     Whatever can we do?

Well, the love we show to Planet Earth,

     Will start with me and you.


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Divide the class into groups to do research and have discussion on each of the points.  Then they can put their findings and ideas to the class in discussion.


This poem was one of almost 400 chosen by teachers across West Yorkshire for publication in 2010 but I've added much more to it now, bringing in much modern thinking.  I hope you find it a good poem for discussion in your class too.  Josie



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