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Swiftly the easterly wind blows clouds

Lickety-split across the deepening dusk

Of this chilly autumnal afternoon.


Glimpse the hastening black crow,

His shape etched upon distant trees -

Shadows dancing in the breeze.


Here a beggar-man finds a street corner

Which is sheltered from the teasing wind

And lays his thin blanket on the pavement.


Suddenly the Christmas lights flash on

And restaurants emit tempting aromas,

Whilst shoppers draw their coats tighter.


Now observe the clear moon starting to rise

Over white drifting cotton wool clouds.

One by one the stars appear in the twilight.


The dusky mantle of night drapes itself

Around tired office workers, shoppers,

Students, teachers, nurses and families.


Buses and cars rattle past; feet scurry.

The railway stations bustle; people chatter.

Night’s arrived – herald of tomorrow's dawn.



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