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There’s been a revolution

    In which fathers are involved  -

For when it comes to childcare,

    Half the problem has been solved.


Today’s man rolls his sleeves up

    And puts away the past.

He now takes on the parent role

    And cannot be surpassed.


The role of Dad’s important

    And he takes it in his stride.

It’s not seen now as mother’s work

    For Dad does it with pride.


Dad’s not the sole breadwinner,

    As Mum's employed as well.

Two parents bring in income

   For a home in which to dwell.


Your identity will quickly change

    When children come along –

And children need a Mum and Dad

    To keep the family strong.


Fathering is such fun work

    With duties to embrace

And babies need to know their Dad

     And see his smiling face.


This involvement doesn’t change a man

     Into a Mister Mum

But it’s from involvement from the start

    Those bonds with children come.


Most men are thinking differently

    About the father-role

And parenting has offered them

    Some really worthwhile goals.


Close contact with their families,

     With time they freely give,

Means fatherhood can give the life

      That most men love to live.


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