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Dear John


There’s a super property for sale -

      I thought you’d like to know -

But with no glass in the windows

     You will feel the north wind blow!


The bucket standing by the door

     Could meet your urgent needs

And the contents of your bucket will

     Help improve your weeds.


There isn’t running water there

    But a stream runs closely by

And, as it doesn’t have a roof,

      You’d gaze up at the sky.


One thing I ought to mention though -

      I know you'll want to know -

There'll be little else to do all day

      But watch the daisies grow.


You’ll not be short of company -

    Some sheep are grazing near -

And of course, there's no electric,  

    But, so what?  It's rather dear!


I thought I ought to write to you.

    You'll want to know of this.

Now I send you all my warmest love –

    Best wishes – Aunty Chris


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Funny?  In fact many barn conversions are truly lovely! Josie

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