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So where’s our English cuisine gone?

   The bangers and the mash?

Why go to Chinese restaurants

   To spend your hard-earned cash?


Has bread and butter pudding gone,

   And apple crumble too?

Where’s the liver and bacon gone

    And delicious home-made stew?


When did you see emblazoned

   On a restaurant in the street:

“We're serving British menues here –

    Fresh veg and local meat”?


We’ve seven Italian restaurant’s here -

   Which you may think  is good -

But Italian friends all tell me that

  “We’re here for British food.”


I’m speaking now of hearty meals,

   And not of mean-cuisine –

Those arty little morsels served

    On a plates, perhaps, too clean -


The banquets like my mother made:

    Those meals beyond compare;

The sort of food worth waiting for

     And cooked with loving care.


Be proud of British cooking then

   For others think it’s great!

Thank God for scrumptious British beef

   With Yorkshires on MY plate.



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