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This was one of almost 400 poems chosen for publication by teachers across West Yorkshire in 2010.  Published by AMS Educational Ltd.

We’ve chicken tonight, with potatoes and peas.

There’s fresh fruit to follow; then biscuits and cheese.

     Do you think that this meal is appealing to you?

     But what for their dinner do chickens then do?


They, in their turn, hunt for insects and seed.

These are two things on which many birds feed.

    They come to bird feeders from miles around.

    Some eat from the feeder; some feed on the ground.


What then of the insects – on what do they feed -

For they also need food for their own basic needs?

    The bees like their nectar, the worms chew up leaves;

    Snails choose my plants, so I class them as thieves.


Plants need their nutrients to help them to grow.

If a plant feels quite hungry, well where does it go?

    Their nutrients come from the sun and the ground.

    They send out their roots which go searching around.


From the top to the bottom we’re all part of this chain

And we’re also dependent on the sun and the rain.

     In the food chain we humans are placed at the top.

     Well I’ll not hunt tonight then but pop to the shop.



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Poem by Josie Whitehead

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