Write down a list of all the things that you think you should do to both make a new friend and keep a good friendship going, including being friends with your parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters too. They surely are important too.  Josie

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When your lifetime lies ahead

    And you have lots to do,

Remember that your world includes

     Some others - not just you.


Each day your life is filled with folk

    Who share this world with you,

And how they think and what they do

     Affects both me and you.


Remember it’s how each of us

    Treat others that we meet,

So show a kindly face to those

    At school and in the street -


And don't forget the ones at home -

   They've lots of love for you:

Your brothers, sisters, Mum and Dad

     And Grans and Granddads too.


Remember that we hope that they

    Show us affection too -

And love and friendship goes through life -

       It should do, that is true.


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