So who has a pet who gives him/her unconditional friendship,

ie doesn't want something in return?

Walk Through My Lifetime Spiritual/Reflective Poems

No money in the bank have I,

   No swanky house, no motor car.

No way with words or stylish clothes,

    No servants, yachts or large cigars.


But friendship have I – yes, in full –

   With shining eyes and heart of gold.

Within my tiny, feathered breast

   My heart is packed with love untold.


My cheery voice is there to greet

     Whenever you return back home.

I’m here to spend my life with you.

    With me, you’ll never feel alone -


For you’re my family, all I have.

    To me you’ve been my lifelong friend.

With soft green feathers and tiny wings,

    I’ll love you always, to the end.



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Talking point:  Animals and birds make friends, and especially with humans.  Do you have a pet and how is he/she a special friend to you?  Are human beings sometimes cruel to animals and birds?  

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