A new idea is forming fast

    And spins around in space.

It comes to earth and looks around

    And then it spots my face.


(or I could have said:  "For someone to embrace"


It leaps inside this mind of mine

    And seeks a nook and cranny

In which to nest itself and grow.

    It’s rather too uncanny!


(or I could have said:  But why pick this old granny?)


Its growing form burns in my brain

    And words then start to flow.

My fingers tap upon the keys;

    My mind’s now all aglow.


(or I could have said:  But my typing's rather slow -

except that it's not!


I’ll change these words, I know I will.

    I’m never satisfied,

But left untouched, this new idea

    For certain would have died.


(or I could have said:  "Would wander on, untried"


My poem’s finished; I’m content

    And the idea is happy too -

And back through space I hurl it out

     To make its home with you.


(or I could have said:  . . .

'But will my poem be well received?

    Well, that answer lies with you.'



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