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In the Garden of Eden a special tree grew.

    It bore fruit like no other tree could.

God said: “Do not eat the fruit from this tree,”

    But the serpent said:  “I think you should.”


Do you think that poor Eve should have listened to him?

     His advice surely led her astray!  -

Yet she plucked from the tree a ripe apple to eat

     As she walked in the garden that day.


She then called her husband:  “Oh try this good fruit!

      Come and taste it without a delay.”

But Adam, her husband, said: “God has said: “No” -

     So I’m sure we should not disobey.”


Oh how easy it is to be tempted to do

    Many things that we’re told we should not,

And so Adam bit into the sweet-tasting fruit -

    Whilst God’s word he quite quickly forgot.


Then like you, when you’re naughty, both Adam and Eve

    Became scared to admit what they’d done.

So when God searched the garden and looked everywhere -

    Well, he just couldn’t find anyone.


I’m afraid that you cannot stay hidden from God -

    And God soon found them hidden away:

“You sinned when you took that fruit from my tree.

    You should not ignore things which I say.”


“Oh now don’t blame the serpent or anyone else!

    What you did you know wasn’t right.

Every snake from now on will be hated by man

    And you’ll both have to work day and night!”


God ordered them both to go far from this place:

    “Oh and cover yourselves up as well!” -

So they each grabbed a fig leaf and quietly left

      With a sad and a sorry farewell.



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