God created woman next,

   The start of man’s downfall.

She stopped his beer, his cigarettes

     And Saturday football.


She gave him little jobs to do,

     To pass his time of day.

She took control of everything,

     Including his week’s pay.


Soon babies joined the family –

      Two lovely little boys.

Adam was kept busy,

     Making cribs, high chairs and toys.


He took his turn with night-feeds

     And he changed the nappies too.

He quickly learned to vacuum round

     And to make a perfect brew.


One day God called to see them both:

      “Well, are we happy now?”

He noted Adam’s ageing face

     And the creases on his brow.


“You have just what you prayed for –

     A wife, the kids and home” -

But as God left he thought he heard

      A most distressing groan.



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