Dear God:


Save me from the ostentatious

Those pretentious; those audacious.

    The blasphemous and vulgar-tongued -

    A label not just for the young.


The lazy rich and idle poor –

Yes, lots of them you can be sure.

    Those who sit all day and drink

    “Another whisky please” chink chink.


Those who like to bully others,

Seeking weak spots in another.

    Those who hide behind their screens -

    The cyber-bullies sly but mean.


Those who carry chips on shoulders,

Whose inner anger staunchly smoulders.

    The ones for whom I have most pity –

    Those who serve on church committees.


Those whose envy knows no end

Who would want them as a friend?

    Those semantic, those pedantic,

    Bred to drive a vicar frantic!!


The fat the thin the short and tall

Oh save me, Father, from them all!

    But . . .  God, I’ve something to profess:

    I’m far from perfect, I confess.





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