By Josie Whitehead

Our school year has finished.  Let’s all say goodbye.

We’re sorry we’re leaving and we’ll try not to cry.

    Our year spent together was good, that’s for sure,

    And in the new school year we’ll be back for more.


We’ll never forget you, of that there’s no doubt,

But summer is beckoning and the sun’s coming out.

    September will come.  We’ll return quite refreshed

    And we promise our teachers we’ll all do our best.


So thank you, dear teachers, for all that you do

For what would we do if we didn’t have you?

    Education’s important and you’ve made it fun -

     So goodbye to the classroom; hello to the sun!!



Copyright on all my poems

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Talking Point:  What things have you most enjoyed during your school year?  What happy memories will you have?  Are you happy or not to be moving up to a new year and what do you hope for?  


I've been a teacher all my life and I taught my students skills that would find them work wherever they went - really useful skills, and one of those skills was teaching them to touch type.  This is something that would be really useful to all children and I'll put you a link in which will take you to a lovely typing course which you can do over your school holidays, provided by the BBC:  


You need a little time each day (perhaps about half an hour to one hour) and I am sure that when you return to school, you will be able to type on your computer at about 30 words in one minute.  Isn't that something to do when you may get a little fed up with the long holidays.  I am an expert typist and you can imagine how useful I've found this in composing my poems.  I never write them by hand.  I type at about 80 words a minute, that is about 6 to 7 letters in each second, but it takes a long time to reach this speed.    Josie


BBC Dance Mat Typing