Oh what can you do if you’ve swallowed a rhyme?

Do you think that to swallow a rhyme is a crime?

    It’s wriggling and jiggling down there in my tum.

    Should I keep it a secret or should I tell Mum?


I’m sure that the rhyme has now gone to my head.

How I wish it had stayed in my poem instead.

    It’s tickling my brain and it’s making me laugh.

    Oh how silly to laugh when you’re taking a bath.


It’s now moved to my throat and it wants to jump out.

Well perhaps it would help if I started to shout.

    Well here goes, one big shout and yes there he goes -

    But guess where he’s landed?  Right there on my toes.



Copyright on all my poems



This poem, chosen by hundreds of teachers and children, was published in 2010, one of almost 400 poems published by AMS Educational Publishers, Leeds.

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