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for children

By Josie Whitehead

'Granny can you show me how

     To make a nice sponge cake?

Well, what things do I need for it

     And how long will it take?'


'Granny can I clean the bowl

     And can I lick the spoon?

Granny how long must we wait

     And can we make it soon?'


'Well, yes I know you’re busy Gran,

     But shouldn’t you now stop?

 Upon your list of things to do

      My cake must come the top.'


'Granny, get the mixer out.

    Fetch out the flour and marg.

What about these cake tins Gran?

    My cake will be quite large!'


'Granny can you reach the eggs.

    I need some sugar too.

I’ve measured out just what we need

    And know just what to do.'


It’s all put in the mixing bowl,

    And 'Can I press the switch?

Granny,  please allow me to -

    There won’t be any hitch.'

Now the beaters start their work.

      Hear their mighty roar?

They make short work of what to us

    Could be a lengthy chore.


'Granny, can we stop it now?

     I’ve counted twenty beats.

Now can I taste this little bit,

     To check it’s fit to eat?'


The cake tins are both fully filled,

    And now what is to come?

'Granny can I scrape the bowl -

     I’ve such a hungry tum.'


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Younger Children Helping Granny