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Mr Walker goes to work

      In suit and bowler hat,

But underneath, what does he wear?

    Well, have you thought of that?


I’ve seen them sitting on the line.

    They’re washed out every week.

Such colours and artistic styles!

    You’d laugh until you shrieked!


When he removes his suit and hat

     At the end of each long day,

It’s then his boxer shorts are seen:

    Oh!!  What a grand display:


Purple undies with red spots;

    Black diamond shapes on green;

I’ve also seen some tartan pants –

    The brightest that I’ve seen.


There are devils on his yellow pants –

    Oh no, I kid you not.

The rainbow stripes just hit the eye,          

     Whilst some have polka dots.


Beneath his grim exterior,

    It’s very plain to me,

The world sees only half the man

    But the other half I see.



Copyright on all my poems


This poem was chosen by teachers and children in Yorkshire as one of almost 400 for inclusion in my book of Funny Poems in 2010.  I hope you like it also.

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