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Illustration by Jonathan Evans

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When Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall

He little thought of what could befall:

    Did Humpty the egg have no brains in his head?

    An egg carton would have been better instead.


When Humpty Dumpty fell from the wall,

He didn’t have telephone access at all.

    So who found this egg with its broken old shell -

    Its egg yolk scatttered and splattered as well?


If such a thing happened in the world of today,

What do you think that our dear Queen would say:

    “You want all my horses, my brave soldiers too?

     You tell him there’s not very much I can do.”


Are humans, today, perhaps not very kind -

And do you think this is what Humpty would find?

    Today’s modern world is quite a contrast

    With much less compassion than days of the past.



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By Josie Whitehead

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