Thinking Poems

If children ruled the world, I think

     Each day could be such fun.

Hard work would be just thrown away

    And we’d play out in the sun.


Playgrounds would be packed with kids -

     The swimming pools as well -

And we’d wish the things we didn’t like

     A very fond farewell.


If children ruled this world of ours,

     The rush for school would go

And parents would not be allowed

     To use the word of “no”.


The clocks would stop forever

     For there’d be no “time for bed.”

Then you could play for evermore -

     Oh, much more fun instead.


If children governed what we did,

     There’d be Christmas every day:

Christmas presents, lots of food

     And so much time to play.


Then all day long we’d watch TV

     And choose the things we’d eat

And nobody could ever say:

     “You can’t have any sweets.”


Now, children, have you really thought

     How all this could be done?

Who’d make the sweeties that you’d eat,

     If we all were having fun?


Who’d make your play equipment

     And who’d build the swimming pools?

And what would all your teachers do

      If they couldn’t go to school?


Then who would grow the food you eat

     And who would make your clothes?

They’d not appear by magic - well

      If that’s what you suppose.


You couldn’t watch the tele

     If the programmes were not there

And a life that isn’t purposeful

     Is one full of despair.


Perhaps you’d like your special isle

     That you could rule instead.

You’d have to search for food to eat

      And then hunt for a bed.


With no mother, father, grandparents

     And teachers to say: “No”

I think you’d think of all you’d lost

     And prefer the world you know.


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IF CHILDREN RULED THE WORLD:  Some interesting information for those who seem to love this poem so much:  This was one of almost 400 poems which was chosen for publication by teachers and children in a 9 month market-research survey by my publisher in 2010 and it was published in my "Josie's Poems: Reflections" book.  Unfortunately this book is no longer available and the publisher has retired and sold his business to people who don't publish poetry.  Secondly, this is the poem that most of all by a long way people visit on my website.  During the last year there were 1,371 visits to this page, according to Google Analytics, and people from 188  countries visited my main website.  Perhaps your children might like to perform it and you could film the performance and I'll link to it.  Or perhaps your children might like to illustrate this poem - or do you like the Queen and myself, both British ladies?  Josie