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You were invited to our garden

   When we thought you were a friend,

But your invasive way of living

   Brought this friendship to an end.


When we planted out your small white bulbs

   Along with other flowers,

You reproduced yourself so much

   And filled this bed of ours.


You soon began to creep with speed

     And filled each nook and cranny

And the way you pushed through even stone,

    Seemed dreadfully uncanny.


Your flowers came up to meet those folk

   Who walked along the street –

And, through the broken paving stones,

   Your flowers soon reached their feet.


The tarmac and the stone brick wall?

   Your strength ignored all these –

So, thank you for your company,

   But this invasion has to cease.


We’re really glad to see you go

    To somewhere far away

And perhaps a wild flower meadow

     Is a place you’d rather stay.


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