People Poems - Cream and Royal Blue

Whenever the moon and stars come out

    And everyone’s gone to bed,

Somebody's  working in our streets

    By the name of Lonesome Fred.




Whenever the sun shines in the sky

    And everyone’s up and fed;

When the rest of the world is off to work,

    Fred can be found in bed.


? ?


His life is not like yours or mine

    And he seldom sees the sun,

For every night he travels the streets.

     Does Fred have any fun?


? ? ?


His  mark is left at many a door

    And in case you don't believe,

Look at the doorsteps in your street

    At the milk bottles that he leaves.


Copyright on all my poems



By Josie Whitehead


Talking Point:


I don't think that there are many milkmen  nowadays who leave a bottle of milk on the doorstep and especially in a glass bottle.  When I was a girl the milkman brought milk to every house in glass bottles which, after we'd used the milk, we washed and put out clean for him to use again.  Today we buy milk in plastic containers that is not used again.  Discuss this in your class.  One other thing:  We all had to drink one third of a pint of milk at school every morning and it was free.  It came in glass bottles and in the winter, there was ice on the top of the bottle and the milk was thawed out on radiators in our corridors.  Something else to talk about in your class.  Josie

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