This is one of seven poems (of course) on the subject of The Seven Deadly Sins.  I hope you like it.  (Iambic heptameter).  Greedy Gertrude above?  Greed of course.

You incurred your father’s wrath again

     For what you’ve done today.

And if you take my wise advice,

    You’ll keep out of his way.


You’ve done the things he clearly said

    Were things you shouldn’t do,

And you‘ve left the toilet dirty

    And I had to flush your poo.


You kicked your football very high

     And broke the greenhouse roof.

It’s no good you denying it

    For Daddy’s got the proof.


Your father’s angry, with just cause,

    For what you said to him.

You told him that you’d learnt at school

    Wrath was a deadly sin.


I’ll tell you what’s a deadly sin –

    It’s you and no mistake.

Ah!  I didn’t mean to make you cry.

    Come, let us share some cake.


Copyright on all my poems 

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WRATH:  I enjoyed doing poems on 'the seven deadly sins' and wrath was one of those sins.  Definition: Wrath is great anger that expresses itself in a desire to punish someone.  Anger is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury. It is also known as wrath.  So the boy did all the things which made his father angry, ie incurred his wrath.  I wrote this poem when I was in a writing group and it was just a bit of fun, but yes, we all make others angry at some time, but forgiveness is what is really needed afterwards.

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