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Bordered by mountains and bounded by sea

Italy's a place where I so love to be.

     I’ll drink the best coffee, feel the sun on my face

     And with wine and good friends, I'm at home in this place.


All those bells in the bell-towers ring morning till night

And they've tucked-away restaurants in streets out of sight.

     Those Italian mobiles keep families together

     Whatever the day or the time or the weather.


The clock hands are now clearly pointing to five

So now watch the piazzas of towns come alive!

      Pavement tables are filling where folk sit and eat

     And see those warm smiles on the faces we meet.


The daylight has gone and the street lights now shine.

Smell the pizzas and pasta, the coffee and wine.

     The restaurants are doing a wonderful trade

     With so many people who're here on parade.


They’re all talking of families, of football and love

As they sit at their tables, the bright moon above.

     They’re hospitable people who entertain well

     With such kindness that would be quite hard to excel.


Now as Mama’s the centre of each family's home,

They phone her each day wheresoever they roam.

     The family’s the thing which is dear to their hearts,

     But it’s Mama from whom they will never depart.


From the Alps snow-capped peaks down to Sicily’s coves

And from Rome’s ancient buildings to warm olive groves;

     From Italian vineyards, the beaches, the arts  -

     These surely are things which have won people's hearts.


Such good holidays, sadly, must come to an end

And with sadness I'll wave my farewell to my friend

   But those days packed with fun, with people and pleasure

    Are the gifts to myself that I always will treasure.


Copyright on all my poems


Other than a small poem called "My Garden" which I wrote when I was 11 years of age, this was the first poem I wrote, as a thank you poem to the kind people who gave us a holiday in Sweden - and I'd never been to a creative writing class and knew nothing about metre etc.  I hope you like it.  

Secondary Schools


By Josie Whitehead

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