Secondary Schools Sports Poems

Two meanings for "It's in your court".  It could refer to a game of tennis when the ball is literally in someone else's court, but it also means:


The ball's in  your court - - - Well, it's your decision, or it's up to you.


In this poem I'm saying that it is up to you to decide which sport you play.

Hit a ball or bounce a ball

   Or drop it in a net,

Balls can make you jump for joy

    Or balls can make you fret.


Strike a ball with hard golf club,

    Or with a cricket bat -

Balls are used in friendly games

   Or perhaps in fierce combat.


Throw a ball and catch a ball,

    Or kick it with your feet:

In sporting games you aim to win

    But also face defeat.


Roll a ball along the ground,

    Or juggle in the air,

Strike balls upon a table top -

    But listen, do take care:


Sporting games can draw you in

    In most addictive ways.

But most folk love some kind of sport

    To fill their leisure days.



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