Page Heading It's Parents' Party Day Heading

When children all go back to school

    What do their parents do?

You cannot think?  You do not know?

    You haven't got a clue?


They have a party - all of them!

     They eat and drink and scream

For a home without you noisy kids

    Is every parent's dream.


The music's on, the dancing starts;

    The eats and drinks come out.

They're eating things you're not allowed,

    Of that there is no doubt.


They'll ask you, later in the day:

     "Have you worked hard today?"

Whilst they've been partying all day

      With children sent away.


The beds aren't made; no housework's done;

      It's the parents' time to play

For, with naughty, noisy kids packed off

     It's "Parents' Party Day."



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